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The multiverse is not even the whole of existence. An army can rise, but only with a noble goal to lift them. OrganicSoul I can empathically perceive what you are saying. I can understand what you mean, what your trying to put your finger on through the various examples of experiences. Lol but I wouldnt put it that ay it the end. That is not a noble, honourable, or genuine way of loving and helping others in this life. That sounds more like team dark at the end. If you were serious that would a shame, humility is great power willingly empressing genuine love in all it various forms.

Anyway for some reason I don't your really serious at the end there, I think that's probably your style of humour. If it is that's funny. I just happen to scroll down and read the comments and realized there is a good mount of replies responding to your reply.. I get you, just to the ending I bet your presence also somehow catalyst to your whereabouts hmm?

Humility is the eternal way of life. Live wise. AND we can only live a genuine lifestyle with a genuine pure heart and a love for others as yourself. It's better to think of others as better than yourself than for you to think otherwise. The humble will be exaulted. AND before dishonour comes pride. Over and out. Absolutely agree with you on this pos human! His words chilled me to the core.

I only know this for a fact because I met one who stalked me and threatened my life and those I loved over and over until he got himself jailed for 7 years. Scared the crapola out of me. The "person" above and I use this term lightly as he is probably capable of doing inhumane things to others and stomping all over people's rights because he views himself as more important than they are to start with and told us so. He is always right. He knows this. He is building an army. He should be worshiped. Because they are missing a basic character trait every human has to a certain level: Empathy.

Human kindness.

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It's missing in these alien species. They also add an element of sadism in their lives.

No normal human does. No one should feel they are right building an army to worship them! How disgusting. His thoughts repulse me as a human being. How about kindness for a super power? Seemed to work out for Jesus and Gandhi. So far they are pretty big hits. That no one has found him yet is pretty funny on his part being so bewildered: where are my worshipers?!

Don't they know I am here to be worshiped and not to give back in this life like everyone else?

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I am above all these people and should be leading them. How do they not know? Because you sir or madam are an asshole. You've been served and you are welcome. I can understand what you mean, what you're trying to put your finger on through the various examples of experiences. Lol, but I wouldn't put it that ay it the end. That is not a noble, honorable, or genuine way of loving and helping others in this life.

If you were serious that would a shame, humility is great power willingly expressing genuine love in all its various forms Toona Not ready to join anything, but hell, yeah, I know that shit. Again the point is not pleasing or causing disdain the point is to discover your freedom and piece of mind your awakening. And for what? When your an indepth thinker things always seem like their so crystal clear, but they aren't until we've actually seen it all and with our life span, how can we truly learn and will come to know everything?

I would think that when you have confidence, no matter your sign, that you carry yourself in a different way, fat or skinny, tall or short, the way you dress, talk, speak, move is noticed by so many, because you are putting that kind of enrgy out there, some people become sucked into everything else, always following somebody, never themselves, if we could put just as much confidence into ourselves as we do others, we would see so many more positive aspects of life.

As for being different, I too can relate, I didn't always agree with people and their ways, I could see right through peoples BS, occasionally I too fell into a position of feeling played for a fool, I learned from it I will admitt though I do seem to enjoy solitary to get away from so many different things going on inthe world and in my life, but I feel like I am drawn to and find people who need my love and support and guidence as well as I theirs. I am only one person living around so many others, how can I truly experience the world telling myself no one understands me or gets me, I don't even try to give them a chance, five people aren't the whole world, their only five people, keep on looking and don't make yourself mightier then what you should consider yourself, I think it's wonderful that you have such confidence in yourself that nothing can shake that, that's really important and vital in this harsh lifestyle and society, I just think if you put a label on yourself as being better then your setting standards for others that might not be realistic in the beginning, maybe you'll meet someone you can share some deep thoughts with and open them up to things they never considered before and never would have if they hadn't of met someone like you who thinks about things.

I will say that it becomes hard at times for me because it's like my brain never shuts off, it constantly is trying to figure something out, and images come in waves, and my brain registers and recieves things, I sometimes have felt like I personally experienced things and therefore have the answers, but their just some answers not the ultimate answer that seems to come from somewhere in my brain.

Ii find it hard to pretend I don't know when someones lying to me, so it causes problems for me, I can't see anything else till I figure out the truth, or something being said that gives me enough to be able to comfortably move on.

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I don't think any of us will ever know somebody, unless we can see their future and hear their thoughts, then we'd really get inside their heads, until then keep an open mind, I hope you'll find someone to change your mind about no one getting you and I hope people will learn to embrace different things and give people a chance, till next time tottles. Dark shadow I am a cancer dragon and I will join ur army. Lucas What kind cancer monkey you are?

Awara I'm an Aries earth dragon, Taurus moon. I am fascinated with all my brothers and sisters! I am very intuitive, even when I do not understand completely at first. My father is a Pisces earth boar, and my mother does not know when in she was born, but she is a wood dragon. I am always defending the little guys, but have the respect or fear from the big guys. I connect bridges with my heart and mind.

Many people have told me I should write a book. It's all a matter of time. Cody A. Lehr Amen. April i am also a Cancer Earth Dragon, I have found that if you look at each individuals astrolocical chart we all could be earth dragon cancers but we all weren't born at the same exact time, therefore we wont all have the same exact influences. I think its possible for some people to posses some of the qualities and others not so much or maybe one of them out of five. I do seem to be more intrigued by smarts and a heart, I cant just like someone for what they look like, they have to be deeper then that or we wont mesh very well, I will be disgusted and want nothing to do with you, depending on how you present yourself.

I can not pretend to be peoples fools and believe everything they say, when infact they are just spitting lies and bs in my direction,I have no respect for people who think their poop dont stink. Iam a nice person and very caring and hospitable to my friends family and guest, I enjoy making peoples lives better, doesnt mean ill always be perfect. I do not back away from challenges, I do have high expectations for myself and can be really hard on myself, I expect more from myself due to knowing better, I know that certain things arent going to help me move into a more positive direction in my life, I am pretty blunt and can seem like im being tactless, I just am being honest and not spitting a web of illusions into peoples lives, I feel theres enough people out there that will lie and manipulate us, so why is it horrible that I dont make up stories all the time so people can keep thinking their ways are always so thoughtful, or maybe they are selfish perhaps, either way it does people no good to be this way, I get being cautious and what not and trying not to be a complete jerk,but sometimes a chicken is simply a chicken I am pretty sensitive and can be hurt, but I often try and act as though it did not bother me, I sometimes have found that me haveing space and working out the things I said or took part in creating in the awkward moment and intense energy flying all around is best resolved in my own head, I cant stand being in a relationship were its always one sided, I am the only one that needs to work on my communication and self, so I end up not really developing a deep enough bond with them, because I dont trust in someone who wants me to support them but they dont have to support me or hear were Im coming from kinda thing.

I do sometimes get frustrated with myself when I am emotional, Ive told my boyfriend so many times I hate being a chick sometimes so many emotions going on, when something is really hard for me to talk about, I will start to cry and then I cant say what im trying to say, and I feel like such a huge baby, but I also go through some harsh guilt when I feel bad about something Ive done.

If I had lots and lots of money I would infestit into to people who need it or couldnt pay their rent or need food, Ive always wanted to do something that makes a difference in peoples lives, I wanted to be a fire fighter or a lawyer or detective, or travel around feeding the hungry or the less fortunate, I belive in equality pretty strongly I also have had many many accounts were I swear its like I hear what people are thinking or feeling, but not like I feel kicked in my leg when they are kicked in the leg, theres just something that happens and I just hear this voice or something drawing me to a direction, or I will just automatically go from hey how are you,just chillen with friends or aqquantinces then I will feel nervous or irritated and nothing has even happend to make me feel like this,it makes no friggen sense.

I think deep thoughts very often, Im constantly trying to understand things, people mainly, but the wonders of our lives, the incredible opportunities you come across as well as the not so happy times in our lives, Ive discovered that our lives will continue going on till they are dust and all the things in this life will happen with or without us understanding or knowing why I LOVE creating things, I like to draw, I do alot of different multimedia, I mix different kinds of art forms together like they do with music sometimes when their inspired by different genres.

I do like to sing, not saying im a grammy award winner but i can carry a note.

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Ihave been working on a fictional book atm I want to write a book at least before I pass. Iam a female cancer earth dragon by the way and my boyfriend is a Leo Boar, ironically my mom and I clashed alot and she was a leo boar, there are times I feel like Im seeing a reflection of my mom in my boyfrined not look wise either lol, that would be way creepy and weird o. O anywho we as two women didnt mesh well we ended up fighting lots. I do have a hard time and imsure so does my boyfriendwhen it comesto our relationship, and fromwhat I understand we arent really supposably compatible but we make it work, it takes work and many times we come close to saying maybe we are just ment to be frineds, but a part of me knows how much I care for him..

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I hope i didnt bore you to much, I gave you guys lots to read SlitheringTwins Dated a cancer dragon and now friends with one. Caring and adventurous, but too sensitive to my harsh Gemini words. Have to engage what little patience I'm capable of to continue good relations. Note that, if one starts from Leo and Cancer, the planetary rulers are arrayed in the same order from the sun as they occur in the natural solar system. Astrological sign 6 Dignity and detriment, exaltation and fall A traditional belief of astrology, known as essential dignity, is the idea that the Sun, Moon and planets are more powerful and effective in some signs than others, because the basic nature of both is held to be in harmony.

By contrast, the Sun, Moon and planets are held to find some signs to be weak or difficult to operate in because their natures are thought to be in conflict.